1. HALAL health and feed supplements for poultry, large animal, Aqua.   


50% Concentration powder
1.00mg Vitamin E =1.49mg Vitamin E
1mg (all-rac) Vitamin-E=1.00 USP unit
1mg Vitamin-E= 1.00 IU (international unit) Vitamin E

Indications & Benifits
it treat crazy chick disease,Exudative Diathesis & Muscular Dystrophy.
To reduce incedence of ascites and sudden death syndrome in broilers.
To reduce leg weakness syndrome in broiler.
for immunity building and protecting against various viral desease & coccidious in poultry.
To improve fertility,hatchability & egg production layers.
Increase egg production,highly recommended for layers and breeders.
It is vital of immunity & reproduction in poultry & cattle.
for faster growth & proper bone formation in cattle.
Presentation:1kg,5kg and 25 Kg bag

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