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Use :-

Maduramicin ammonium is polyether antibiotic. It’s principally used as coccidiostat for chicken. It can breach the coccidiosis by influencing electrolyte balance. It works in early developing period, 1 to 2 days after being infected. It is available to gram-positive bacteria, hyposensitive to gram-negative bacteria.
maduramycin ammonium veterinary medicine prevention and treatment because of Eimeria (Eiminriaacervulina, E. Maxima, E.mitis, E.necatrix, E.teneila) broiler coccidiosis caused.
Benefits :-

  • Less toxic than other coccidiostats.
  • Best compatibility with antibacterials
  • Higher safety margin .Other ionophores suffer from their relatively high dosage resulting to their toxic dose being close to their therapeutic range,leading to low safety margin.
  • No adverse reaction on egg production.

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