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Vitamin-A( Palmitate)

Formulating :

  • Vitamin-A Palmitate is insoluble in water soluble in fats oils and Hydrogenated cartons.The solvent should not contain peroxides.
  • The recommended usage level of vitamin A Palmate is 0.05% to 0.3%

Toxicological Data :

  • Then Expert panel released the final Report on the Safety Assessment of Retinal Palminate Concluding that It is safe as cosmetic ingredients in the present practice of use and concentration
  • ACIR(cosmetic ingredients review) report is available

Storage and Packaging :

  • Expiry Date :  in unopened original packaging and under cool Storage *( condition 15 C minimum @2 Years after production dateline )
  • Storage Condition : Store in tight container at 8 C to 20 C
  • Storage Packaging : 5 to 20 kg HDPE Jerry cans

Physiological function:
  • Vitamin A Palmitate is the more stable from of Retinal
  • Vitamin A Palminate releases Vitamin A contact with enzymes in the skin involved in creation and maintaining healthy Skin. 

Efficacy of Vitamin A cosmetic products :