COSMOPROF INDIA: THE B2B SHOW FOR THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY IN INDIA, 12, 13, 14 June – will guarantee more networking and business opportunities.    Exhibition for ANIMAL VETEX 2019 is almost upon us (12-15 May).Euro Asia Chemicals is one of the exhibitors where we will be presenting some of our products, such as Methionine,Threonine,Antibiotics.   


Enzymes have become an important tool to increase the nutritional value of feed ingredients, reduce feed costs, improve the environment, all while maintaining or improving animal performance.

Use :-

Fiber degrading enzymes may play a very important role in modulating this microbial fermentation when high fiber and vegetable-based feeds are used. That is why fiber levels in feed must no longer be seen as a maximum constraint in feed formulations. ‘Optimizing fiber’ becomes the new challenge in modern animal nutrition

Benefits :-

  • Increases body weight & better feed utilization.
  • Increases digestive capacity of animal & birds.
  • Improves nutrient availability.
  • It mobilizes storage fats in animals
  • Increases egg production & eggshell breakage is reduced.

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